Welcome to Nagar Palika Parishad Azamgarh

Nagar Palika (Municipal Council or Town Municipality) is an urban local body (ULB) that administers a city having population of 1 lakh or above.

Under the urban local self governance system, the Nagar Palika Parishad is administratively part of the district it is located in. Nagar Palikas are entrusted with some duties and responsibilities, as enshrined in the Constitutional (74th Amendment)  Act, 1992. it interact directly with the State Goverment.

The members of the Nagar Palika are elected representatives for a term of five years. The town is divided into wards according to it’s population, and represntatives are elected from each ward. The member elect a president among themselves to preside over and meetings.

Dr. shubh nath prasad (executive officer)

Smt. sheela srivastava (chairman)


Birth / Death Registration

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Water Charge

Sewerage Charges

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